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The philosophy of Organized Environments is to help clients live better lives through the simple process of effective space organization. We will help you make intelligent use of the space you have to help free you from constant searching and shifting. Every client has their own unique story and our thoughtful one-on-one approach builds trust and results in successful organized environments. We help you take control of your home or office environment and change the way you approach the everyday challenges of keeping your life in order. Creating order out of chaos is the key to beginning to live your life the way you have always intended.

Working with Organized Environments can jumpstart this process for you and help you enjoy the productive peace of a more organized space.

Kimberly Vlah, Principal

As founder and president of Organized Environments, Inc., Kim's passion for organizing and coaching drives her work with her clients and associates. Her natural talent for organization is enhanced by her graduate training in psychology, and the skills she acquired in 16 years of nonprofit management, where she established systems, set up procedures, and coached staff and clients toward more productive and satisfying lives. By creating a strategic partnership with her clients, Kim helps them to identify the obstacles that may be preventing them from taking control of their environment, and gently guides them through the steps necessary to achieve a higher level of organization. "I want people to live and work in beautiful and efficient spaces that inspire them and make them feel productive and happy."


The Organized Environments team includes several associates who have been recruited to work on specific client projects. These associates bring additional expertise in addressing the needs of seniors, people with attention deficit disorder, and other individuals with specialized needs. Our team is designed to offer expert and timely assistance to all clients.