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Will you work with me side-by-side or do I have to leave while you work in my space?
Different clients have different needs. Most of our clients prefer to work in partnership with us each step of the way. This allows us to provide the coaching that helps you to maintain the systems once our time together is over. We do understand however, that there are some clients who simply do not have the time to work that way and who will ask us to complete the project and then orient them to the new systems. We will adapt our process to your particular needs. Our goal is to create systems you can maintain and which help you to be happier and more productive.

How long is an organizing session?
The length of the organizing session depends on the client. Your schedule, the way you like to work, the time of day when you are at your peak energy-all of these factors are part of the decision we make together about how long an organizing session will last and what time of day it starts. The staff of Organized Environments will work with you to ensure that we make steady progress toward your goals while accommodating the other demands in your life such as work, child care, etc.

I am basically pretty organized but major things in my life have changed recently. Can you help me get a handle on things again?
Definitely. Sometimes, life circumstances may mean you have experienced a particularly stressful period and haven't been able to maintain your organizational habits. Perhaps you've started a new business, had a baby, or are in the process of retiring. Major life changes will affect your organizational systems and clients often ask us to update their systems to account for these new developments.

How do I pay for your services?
Our services are billed on an hourly basis. We will bring an invoice to each organizing session and complete it on-site so you can pay for that session at its conclusion. Many business and non-profit clients utilizing our services for relocations, streamlining/organizing projects, etc. prefer to be billed on a project fee basis. In these cases, a written agreement signed by both parties will outline the terms of payment for services rendered.

Can you help me plan for my upcoming move?
Absolutely. Many clients want assistance planning and executing a home or office move for themselves or a loved one. For some, this may mean coordinating the entire move process while for others, it means providing assistance with the organizational systems and storage solutions in their new environment.

I own a small business with six employees. Can you help me organize our space and improve our efficiency so we can get more done with less frustration?
Yes. We do this every day. Typically small businesses start out with very few employees and as the business grows, space and systems just happen, without a lot of planning beforehand. Organized Environments staff can assess where the challenges are in your space and your business and work with you to resolve them. Helping you and your employees feel more productive and satisfied at work is our expertise and our passion.

I run a non-profit agency. Can you help us plan the move into our new building and help us set-up systems in our new space?
Yes we can. Organized Environments has extensive experience working with non-profit agencies. We know your resources are limited. We understand your staffing patterns, space needs and work processes and are able to help you make your workplace more efficient in order to better serve your clients and fulfill your mission.

I need help with the holiday season. Can you help me get ready for the holidays? How about helping me clean up after the holidays?
We can help you with both. We are often asked to help remove clutter from a client's home and help get the space organized before the season starts, guests start arriving and the festivities begin. Many clients like us to come right after the holidays as well, to help store seasonal decorating items efficiently, and to integrate holiday gifts and accumulations into the space.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for your services?
Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase by contacting us via telephone or email.