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"It was so nice to meet you and get started today. What a great motivator! It doesn't seem so bad once you have someone like you that knows what to do. I can't wait to see you again on Friday! Thank you!"

Marie B.
St. Augustine, FL

"I am so enjoying working with you and the results are so rewarding. It is wonderful to be able to get to my desk and actually focus on one task at a time and accomplish something. Paying you will save me money in the long run as I will be dealing with financial matters in a timely manner, thus avoiding late fees and bad decisions. Your positive attitude and work ethic makes the task pleasant! Not to mention the reduction of stress and feeling of accomplishment! Thank you so much!"

Susan O.
Jacksonville, FL

"I am so very appreciative of how you have made my life so much easier.more than mere money could ever re-pay. Thank you. Thank you."

Bobbie O.
Orange Park, FL

"You are a gem! The day Bruce suggested I call Organized Environments to help me with organization was my lucky day! Little did I know how much meeting you would impact my life! Thanks for all you do! I do so appreciate you!"

Nanette W.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Thanks so much for your help at the beach house. I think we've made a huge difference. Thanks for all that you do to help keep us organized! Working with you is always so inspiring!"

Tracey R.
New Smyrna Beach, FL

"The moving company just finished unpacking and we are well underway to settling into our new home in Chicago. My wife and I just had to stop and say "Thanks and Wow!!!" Being in the military for twenty years, we have moved all over the world and it is always a long and tiring process. We are amazed at how smooth, well planned, and seamless this cross country move was, from your planning to the execution, it has been a terrific experience.If we ever have to move again, even across the street, we will be calling Organized Environments again immediately."

John F.
Chicago, IL

"Words can not describe how invigorated I am after having met with you for our initial assessment and first visits. I never realized the amount of stress and energy I spent trying to function in the disorganized chaos I had before we started. My staff is excited about the changes too and the whole environment in the office has changed. Thanks so much!!"

Gail L.
Fernandina Beach, FL